Cardinal Agustin Garcia-Gasco, archbishop of Valencia, Spain has written about the importance of family in society (see story here). Cardinal Garcia-Gasco, who was made cardinal just three months ago says “A society without families, or with confused or weakened families, is a society continually exposed to violence,” and therefore “investing in healthy family life is the best bet for stable and lasting peace.”

With the traditional family under attack by society – and make no mistake that it is – it is important to have clarity on how the tearing down the family is a key ingredient in societal decay. Here in the U.S., as we have begun the selection process for our next president, the Cardinal’s words remind us of the importance of the so-called family values issues or social issues. Many of the plans we hear about undermine the traditional family and faith. He reminds us of what really brings the kind of peace that society needs when he say “With God as the origin and goal of the lives of individuals and nations, the consequences for all human beings to live in peace and dignity are decisively favorable.” “To forget about God or silence Him from the lives of people does nothing to bring about the peace that we all long for,” he added.

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