Have you been following the the issue surrounding La Sapienza University in Rome?

Pope Benedict was scheduled to appear at La Sapienza last Friday. The school, founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface, is one of the largest schools in Europe. Last Monday, 67 professors and then a small group of students began to stage protests against the Pontiff’s visit, based on a speech given in 1990 by then Cardinal Ratzinger on the Church’s disciplinary action against Galileo in 1633. (It is always interesting how elitists can condemn the speech of the orthodox in the name of tolerance.)

Well, on Tuesday, the Holy See decided to decline the [still standing] invitation. This treatment that this small group has given to the Pope has disappointed the vast majority of the 138,000 students (whom they thought they represented), Italian and Roman Politicians and even the dean of the University.

The Holy See did release the text of Pope Benedict’s speech, which was read at the convocation to hearty applause.

On Friday, La Sapienza indicated that they intend to issue a new invitation.

In response to the protests, the Vicar of Rome, Cardinal Camillo Ruini, called on Italians to come out to st. Peter’s this weekend for the weekly Angelus, as a show of support for the Pope and the Church. The Angelus, which is regularly attended by 15,000 to 20,000 faithful was mobbed today by an estimated 200,000 who came to show their support for and express their solidarity with the Pope.

Viva il Papa!

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