I love my wife!

It is the feast day of Saint Valentine, or more simply Valentine’s day. While this certainly not unique for Valentine’s day, it seems an appropriate time to once again proclaim it publicly.

I have known her now for nearly twenty years and our relationship now is so much stronger than it was in the early days. It has certainly much different today than it was back then, but I am happy to report that with the ups, downs, laughs, tears, joys and struggles, we have grown together. Sadly, we often hear that couples are unhappy or breaking up because they “grow apart.” It’s easy for me to understand how that could happen, but thankfully, that has not been the case for us.

While she deserves so much of the credit for that, much of it also belongs to God. When we got married, a theme of our wedding and our engagement was that “A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart (Ecc 4:12).” Looking back over our years together, that has certainly proven true. Like all married couples, we have had our good times and our difficult times. Circumstances have taken us through many turns together, including three kids, 5 moves, job changes, etc.. But I can honestly assess that a strength of our marriage throughout has been our shared faith.

It would be inaccurate to call that shared faith a constant over the last two decades (It too has had it’s peeks and valleys and in aggregate it has grown substantially). But it is clear to me that the times when our marriage has been strongest coincide with the times that our faith has been deepest and most evident. The three ply chord passage is not only accurate, but each strand strengthens the others.

I thank God every day for my wife, and I am also very grateful to my wife for strengthening my relationship with God.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart!

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