Well, the American people have spoken, and Barack Obama is now the president elect of the United States.  My congratulations to Senator Obama for his victory in a very hard fought campaign.  He will be my president just like everyone else’s.

It remains vital to this country that we  maintain (and strengthen) our collective moral compass and that all of us to continue the fight for the unborn.  In fact we must continue that fight with renewed conviction.  However, in our opposition, we need to afford President Obama the respect and dignity as president that has not been afforded President Bush.  While I must admit the gut instinct to respond in kind to the vitriol we have heard over the past eight years, as Christians we are expected to lead by our example.

We must all pray for this man and continue to pray for our country and all of our elected officials.   We also must pray and fight for the issues at the core of Catholic morality, particularly the sanctity of life, the sanctity of the family and the sanctity of marital relations.

As we hear very often from the campaigns “May God bless the USA!”

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