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Well I have just returned from our annual family retreat in Pennsylvania. For anyone who has the opportunity to attend such a retreat, I highly recommend it, as does my entire family. Our retreat this year included 13 wonderful families with kids ranging from a few weeks to early twenties, each dedicated to their faith and to Jesus.

The theme of our weekend was Matthew 6:21 – “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” This theme was great for all ages. As a father, this theme was good for helping to improve focus in my life and in my relationships with family and with Christ. We reflected on what our true treasures are and on where we spend our time and attention. (more…)

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Hello, and Welcome to! It is truly a great pleasure to be starting this blog!

This is the next step in a lifelong journey for me. I am a 42 year old Catholic man, husband and father of three. In the past few years, my faith journey has taken me to a new level of awareness of my Christianity, my blessings, and my responsibility to further the work of Jesus and the Kingdom of God here on Earth. In the past year, I have been called particularly to work on the roles of men in 21st century Christianity.

We live in a time where the traditional families in America and throughout the world are under attack. Divorce rates are above 50%, family worship and prayer continue to decline in priority, and children are increasingly growing up in a values free culture. There are many things that can be pointed to over the past forty years to cause this, but the reality is that correcting these trends – which will be a long and necessary battle – is largely dependent on the responsibility, faith and commitment of faithful men (not solely Christian of course, though that is my frame of reference and hence the focus of this site).

Over the coming years, I will endeavor to facilitate dialog on helping men to deal with their family lives, rediscover or deepen their relationships with God, and in the process their relationships with their own families. While my intention is to focus on the spiritual and real life experiences, and it is not my intention to make this a political blog, I do think it is important to defend Christianity when it is under attack. And make no mistake, it is under attack on a daily basis, making faith-filled family lives more critical, more rewarding and more necessary than at any point since Jesus walked the Earth.

I look forward to lots of good healthy dialog and lots of stories and inputs from happy families.

May God Bless You All!

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